Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Break day..

I extended by break to tuesday, as I needed some more time to recover from the hectic activity on Sunday. The weather is really hot now at 38degree C, its quite hot for March, dread to think what its going to be like during the summers.
Looking forward to my run on wednesday. Also over the long weekend might head for the outdoors, maybe a beach or something. Its been a long time since I have run on sand, its a amazing feeling running early in the morning on a beach (which is nice and blue and clean!!, so it definately has to be outside Bombay). I used to love running on the beaches around Mangalore (my home town, South India) while studying at Manipal (a student township about 60kms from Managalore).


Athir said...

hi there Girish. I've been following your blog and it's got me running again. After the Mumbia 1/2, I was so busy with work that I let things slip for a couple of months. I've just started to run again, although short distances.

Still too early to say if Singapore is an option but it's good to be running again. The 1st week is always the hardest as you really notice the difference compared to what was possible before you stopped running.

But now, I'm back in the groove and just came back for a nice early morning run in Jaipur. The weather is hot but the morning are so nice and quiet that it's a real pleasure.

Girish said...

Hey Athir, That is really nice to hear. I was wonderful to read that my blog helped in a small way to get you to start your running again. It makes all the effort worthwhile and gives me that extra push to update my blog regularly and keep up my runs. Thanks. Keep writing. Enjoy, G