Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I had a good 7km run in 42.5 minutes today morning. The weather was pleasent and the run was good. But post run it still does not feel effortless, so I guess I will need another week or so to get into the groove. Hope to run all the remaining days of the week.
Activating new features on the blog is pretty difficult, I wish they could simplify it and make it easy to change things. Even uploading a pic on the main page is a painful exercise. So will take sometime to figure out everything on the blog and make it interesting. Am yet to figure out the RSS feed thing on the site, to make it possible to subscribe to the blog (to get it in a email each time there is a fresh update).


Richard Workman said...


Thanks for your post on my blog. As far as my fininshing time is concerned I really am going to see how I feel on the day.I was planning to run under 3:30 but because I fell ill two weeks ago I dont know if this is a realistic expectation. My 22.5 miler at the the weekend felt good, and with a time of 2:40 I would expect a reasonably good time in London. I'll see how I feel at 13-15 miles.

All the best and happy running!

Girish said...

Thanks a lot and do let me know how you did in your London Marathon.
best wishes, G