Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good run but no FLM telecast..

Started at the usual time, but luckily it was not too hot today. I had a well paced run of around 13 odd kms in about 1.24hrs. I had a little bit of stiffness in my left calf, which has been there for the last one and half weeks, but decided to run anyways. Did have some discomfort for the first 25mins, but after that the pain disappeared. Which is quite normal, as the muscles get warmed up and the body start releasing natural painkillers. Did not feel exhausted at the end of the run and was tempted to run more but decided against it, as it would result in pushing the body after the short layoff.
The tough part starts now, need to ensure that the left calf muscles are well streched through out the day, to ensure that the stiffness does not return tomm morning. If all goes well, I will have my run tomm.
As regards the Flora London Marathon, the cable operator does not seem to know the existence of the marathon and has decided not to show us the telecast. The Race is scheduled to start at 3pm IST. I have been trying to reach him all day (on phone), but have been unsuccessful. So, I guess I will miss out on the live telecast and will have to settle for the F1 race instead!


GSM said...

I caught up on your postings after a long time Girish. Glad to hear your eyes are better. Be sure to see a doc for your legs - do not neglect recurring pain. Sorry to hear FLM marathon was likely not going to be telecast - very disappointing for an avid fan like yourself. Though I must say it was nice to see Michael win F1 race... Finally! :)

Girish said...

I am taking care and taking it easy. Will ensure that I get in proper shape before getting back into a hectic running schedule. And if required will always seek medical help. Thanks and keep coming back. G