Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adventurous day....

I am finally in Delhi, after a very adventurous trip... and that is an understatement. We were booked on a early morning flight, which got cancelled due to fog at Delhi and later by a technical snag. We tried to find alternative flights, but all of them were full, the only available option was a 5pm flight. While going through multiple airlines ticketing counters for a morning flight, the only one were we succeeded Kingisher and that was thanks to my name (surname!!), never knew that it had so much power (the chairman and brand ambassador of Kingfisher airline - the Richard Branson equivalent of India, shares the same surname), as it helped all of us get a seat on this particular morning flight (the first one to have arrived from Delhi on this fog hit day) which was otherwise fully booked.

I knew that I would not be able to run on Wednesday and Thursday morning, so I decided to run on Tuesday morning for 6kms.

The weather in Delhi is cold but nothing unbearable and the fog situation here is a lot better, hope it stays this way for the rest of my trip. I even got my reflective vest for my early morning runs (last thing I want is to be run over by two or four wheeler).

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