Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Countdown for Bombay marathon begins..

Its just three more days to go before the start of Mumbai marathon - Sunday Jan 21, 2007.

I am trying to do all the right things in the last week before the marathon, including getting 7-8hr of good sleep (thankfully the cable operator has decided not to repair my connection, in spite of repeated reminders from Sunday afternoon onwards, am I positive or what!). Just waiting for the day when I could have access to DTH and I don't ever have to see the cable operators face, but in a democracy good things take time. Since I am unable to get the DTH signal from my window, I am now at the mercy of the collective wisdom of the governing body of my building society (who want to take their own sweet time to arrive at the right decision and they are not allowing individual households to install their own dish on the building terrace). So like all good thing things in life even this will have to wait.

I have also ensured that I do not skip any meals and that I am eating continuously during the day, especially high carb food. Plus all the multi-vitamins and food supplements to ensure that I don't catch a cold or something before the marathon.

The only thing that troubling me is the stiffness in my left calf, which is not feeling normal. The stiffness still continues, though it will not really affect my run in any way after the first 6odd kilometers, but am a little concerned as I don't want it to play any tricks after the 30km mark on the day of the marathon. So I ran yesterday for only 6kms at a easy pace and have decided to rest today and depending on how it feels tomorrow I might go for my one last run before the Marathon, else will not run before the marathon. In the meantime I am using some pain relief spray and cream to make it feel better.

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