Saturday, January 13, 2007

A week before the marathon...

I was finally able to complete the planned runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I did 6km, 7.5km and 6km on the three days respectively. Now I just need to complete the week with a 13km run on Sunday. Next week I plan to run twice, between tuesday and Thursday, and that should get me ready for the marathon next week.

Its been a difficult week, as I am yet to recover from the exhausting Delhi trip. I have been down with cold all week, some late nights, plus some muscle stiffness in the left calf, nothing which would really trouble my runs, but something I would not like to have at the back of my mind before the marathon. Am just waiting for the precious Sunday (tomorrow), to catch up on some much needed rest and sleep.

I hope to go to World Trade center (Marathon expo village) on Thursday or Friday evening to collect my race bib. The weather in the mornings has been quite good for the last few days (thanks to a cold wave in North India), I hope it continues till the day of the marathon.

I have decided on the things I need to take for the marathon. I will be taking two 500ml botles of gatorade, Powerbars 4nos, one for each hour(energy gels), to take me through the marathon. The Gatorade should be enough for the first three hours and will follow it up with water & energy gels. That should be sufficient nutrition for the 4hrs+ of marathon run.


Tanvir Kazmi said...


Where do you get the powerbar and the energy gel stuff, any particular stores? I have no idea if I can get this stuff here in Delhi.

Girish said...

I am not aware of a single store in India that sells protein bars or energy gels. I picked up mine during my trip to singapore for the marathon and some more stuff from relatives in USA.
The only stuff available in supermarkets is granola bars and couple of other brands.
You could give some large chemist shops in delhi a try, they might have some stuff (though I seriously doubt it).

Bedders said...

If you want me to send some stuff over just ask. Have you tried SIS gels and drink. Fab.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot for the offer. I am already well stocked for the next few months.