Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cold Delhi trip.... and a memorable run

My seven day trip to Delhi finally comes to an end. The weather there was truly out of the world, and the best part of work trip was my 1hr 15min run in some really cold weather (atleast for someone like me who comes for a very hot and humid Bombay). I did about 12 odd kilometers in close to freezing temperature (about 3degrees centigrade, coldest weather of the season in Delhi).

Most of my body felt quite comfortable, though I was only wearing shorts (though with a dri-fit half bodysuit, which is not really the best for keeping one warm, but it ensured that there were two layers of clothing). The only problem I faced was with my fingers which had become stiff within 10mins of the run and it continued to stay that way till about 30mins after the run. I could not use my fingers at all and had to use both my hands for things which would otherwise only require a couple of fingers.

But this was one of the most enjoyable runs (second only to my run in Pokhra, Nepal on a early winter morning - with almost freezing temperature). The best part about running in cold weather is that one can afford run for a good 2hours without having fluids (if it would be required, it would be a nightmare as its next to impossible to carry a bottle in ones hand) during the run, if you are well hydrated before the run.

I was only able to run twice during the last seven days. I hope to run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, followed by a 13km run on Sunday, I don't thing I will be able to run tommorrow as I have just reached from Delhi, after a very hard work trip plus my body trying to beat the cold.

I have finally recieved the confirmation letter for the Mumbai marathon from the organisers, so guess the only things that is left now is the actual run on January 21, 2007.


Bedders said...

Do be careful. I reckon everyone needs fluids whatever the weather every hour of running. I carry a SIS drink on any runs longer than 1:15 and have a litre bottle strapped to my waist. You can get these.....I also carry a number of jelly babies a a treat.

Girish said...

I absolutely agree with you. Its just that you can maybe get away without fluids longer in cold climates (but its definately not recommened).
I did not take my waist pouch & bottle for the trip, as the running shoes itself were a burden to carry and carrying a bottle in my hand was not really an option.
But will be extra careful from next time.