Saturday, January 20, 2007

Half marathon starts before full marathon in Mumbai Marathon

I believe the organisers continue to make the blunder second year in a row, by starting the half marathon at 6.40am and the full marathon an hour later at 7.40am. This must be the only marathon in the world where the half starts before the full (and definately the only run which takes place in a tropical country). I am sure the decision makers are not running in the marathon and don't know how it feels to run in bombay after 11am.

I actually tried to find out the reason for this decision (i originally thought it must be sponsor pressure or something like that), but I was horrified to hear the reason from one of the organisers - The inaguration ceremony has to take place along with the full marathon, and the chief guests can make it only by 7.30 (plus the factor that there will be natural sunlight at 7.30am), who the hell is interested in the inaguration ceremony and this definately should not be the reason for punishing serious runners.

The singapore marathon starts at 6am in the morning with the full marathon, incl. the inaguration ceremony drill or whatever that is and they do not seem to have any problems with organising that.
When will our organisers learn.

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