Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tea is not as good as its made out to be..

It all depends on how you have it. If you are one of those who has tea with milk, you could be destroying the health benefits, which otherwise come with it. Based on research done by some German researchers and the European heart journal and published in the Daily Mail, tea with milk has little or no impact on the prevalence of heart disease because you add milk. Similarly black tea significantly improves the ability of the artery to relax and expand (the nitric acid in tea promotes dialation of blood vessels), but milk blocks this effect.

I have conciously moved away from Coffee to tea a year back, purely for its health benefits (similarly from white wine to red), even though I enjoy coffee more. And luckily it was black tea. Not sure if its helped me, but it should come to my rescue in the long run.

Another benefit of my Delhi trip is that now I am very comfortable runing in cold climate and this should come in handy for my Great Tibetan marathon in July. So the only thing I need to figure out is my ability to manage high altitude.


SAK said...

Very interesting article about the benefits of black tea for heart health. Does the article in the journal give the details as to how much milk is added in a cup (8 ounces)of tea when the tea stops being beneficial. It would be good to know.

Girish said...

Thanks. No the piece does not mention any further details. But, the words tend to suggest that milk tends to neutralise the benefits of nitric acid in tea, so even a small quantity would be enough. So its best to have tea without any milk.