Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oganisation of Procam sucked....

I think this was the worst attempt of Procam in the last four years. Starting from the goodie bag pilferage, people who went on the second and third day just got 2 things in their bag, the late start (7.40am in a hot and humid Bombay) for the full marathon thanks to their commitment to make it tv live telecast friendly (we will need to start a online movement now to force them to have the full marathon start at 6.30am next year) - the heat today was killing, the water stations where present towards the end (but not sure what the experience of the 5+ hour finishers was), for the first time they were not able to give timing certificates (as the heat had killed their computer systems, can't imagine the plight of runners!!!), they had cut lot of corners or had become more greedy - the medal is not as good as last year, they did not give simple things like safety pins with the bibs, the marathon expo stalls were the worst in 4 years, there were very few mobile toilets on the route, and especially around the holding area (I could not find a single one, Singapore marathon as endless rows of loos at holding area).

I had a good run as I was carrying my own Gatorade and power bar gels which are a must (electrol is not good enough). But the biggest horror was the Rs.1000 deposit for the chip, how many people coming from smaller cities in the interiors of Maharashtra can afford this sort of deposit (if they can, then they can also afford to pay a higher entrance fee, and in return the organisers can give a finishers T-shirt, which is given in most marathons).

Hope to see a well organised marathon from Procam next year, the sponsors should pull them up!!

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