Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another day...

I am just managed to figure out some of the various features on what blogger has to offer, its not as easy as I thought it would be. But am getting there, to get the title activated, to allow Anonymous comments, etc..
Had a good run today did another 7km a little under 43mins. This is the second one of the week, hope to do four 7km runs this week, lets see if I can execute it. If all goes well then I hope to do about 17kms on Sunday. Am home early today, so will get some good rest and be ready for tomm..


Bedders said...

Great blog - well done and keep it up. It goes straight onto my "must read" list. One of the best bits is looking back and seing how much you have progressed time and distance wise. Good luck.

Girish said...

Thanks for the nice encouraging words. Will try my best to keep up the consistency on my blog as well as training. Looking forward to meeting you soon, let me know when you freeze your plans..