Monday, March 06, 2006

I did manage to run on a Monday morning after all, guess the blog is already starting to help me. I did a good run of 7kms in 42mins, the weather was good after a longtime time and I really enjoyed it. Legs are feeling a little sore though. Plan to take my break day tomm, to give my legs some well deserved rest.
I was pleasantly surprised when a got a almost immediate response from the Singapore marathon authorities when I inquired the dates for registration of the Dec 2006 marathon. This compared to the almost non existent response when I had written 'n' number of emails enquiring about various things to the authorities organizing the Standard Chartered Bombay marathon. Guess we have a long way to go in terms of both organizing marathons and customer service.


Vagabond said...

so girish...this whole sg marathon that's happening...how do u plan to get there? it's quite an investment? do u have sponsors? i know this cool site u can go to...travelguru.com...check it out and see what fares u can get..they have all these promos happening from time to time which could be of help. also, there may be something happening specifically for the bom-sg segment. will keep u posted on that.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot, thatz really nice of you. I plan to get there a couple of days before the actual marathon on Dec 3,2005 and return around Dec 10. Might plan to go around south east asia for a few days after a day's recovery in Singapore. Will definately check the site and keep a watch on any special deals.