Sunday, March 05, 2006

My previous marathons
I have run 4 marathons till date, 3 full marathons and one half marathon. Singapore marathon should be my fifth and the Mumbai marathon in January 2007 would be the sixth. My last three full marathons have been a little disappointing as its taken me well over 5hrs to complete all of them, though have been able to reduce my time with each successive run. I was reasonably confident of doing a time of well under 5hrs (actually closer to 4.5hrs) for the Jan 2006 Bombay marathon, but was unable to come close as did not have a good run that day and had not clocked sufficient weekly mileage during my preparation for it. But was optimistic about the time, as I had done a time of 1.58hrs in the half marathon at Delhi in Oct '05.
So this time around for the Singapore marathon I hope to ensure that I do a time of under 4hr,30mins. And hence the blog to motivate and keep me on track (by logging the right amount of Kms each week, in the coming months).


Athir said...

Hi there Girish. Even though you are not that happy with your past times, it's pretty impressive that you have done a number of marathons! Most people don't even do one. And those that do one don't normally do another.

I've only done one marathon and two halfs, so you are way ahead of me. ;->

Girish said...

Thanks a lot. I know what you are saying and that finish time does not really matter. But I try to use it to prepare harder and motivate myself. Do let me know if you plan to run the Singapore marathon. Am sure you have many more marathons ahead of you, its addictive!!!