Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tuesday run...

Had a good run on Tuesday, except for the fact that the right shin does not seem to settle down, its still troubling me. I did my 7km on Tuesday within 43mins, the weather is still pleasent, so was not too much trouble. I plan to rest my legs on Wednesday morning with some anti inflamatory cream and lotsa hope that it will settle down by evening. If all goes well I will run in the evening today. Today is Holi - a festival of colours, so its not really a bright idea to venture outside during the mornings, evenings are pretty safe as things settle down by then.
If I am able to run without too much discomfort today then will run during the rest of the week, else will rest my legs till Sunday.


Sanjay Rao said...


Good to see your blog and good luck on the running!

-Sanjay Rao

Girish said...

Thanks Sanjay. Hope to catchup with you soon. Girish