Sunday, March 12, 2006

I love my Sunday long run...

I got up pretty early, but actually got out of the house a little after 8am. Was a little worried at start as my right leg was still not feeling right, the first 5kms I felt a slight continuous strain on my right shin. But as I started to get into a rhythm things started to get better, I did my 15kms as planned in 1hr 32min and it felt good. Was a little worried that the shin would feel sore after the run or on the next morning, but things have been good so far. I plan to take rest tomm. and hope that on Tuesday my shin would be back to normal.
I hope to do atleast twice my regular weekday run (distance) on Sundays. If the shin settles down next week, I might just decide to do an 18 or 20km next Sunday.
My Sunday long run is usually around 1hr 20mins, and while doing that I carry about 700ml of plain water on me, and as the summer sets in I carry an additional 200ml water with Electral (to replenish salts) and it is already starting to get very humid. After my run I usually have bananas and coconut water and then after a 2 km walk I unwind with some freshly brewed cappuccino. And I follow this routine almost 50 Sundays a year, if I am in Bombay. I usually never skip a Sunday run, even if I have not run the whole week. And it has to be something really compelling to keep me away from it.


Laura said...

Hi Girish

I should take a leaf out of your book and stick to the Sunday run, even if anything else fails.

Keep it up!

Girish said...

I would not really recommend it, as it tends to put too much strain on certain muscles (I once got shin splits thanks to it). As doing 15 or 20Kms on a Sunday without running regularly can put undue strain on the muscles.
Do try and run atleast twice a week before doing the Sunday long run (ideal is definitely 4 runs during the week).