Thursday, March 09, 2006

A rainy day in March!!??

I got up at my regular time and left home at around 6.15am, it seemed like any other day though a little more pleasent then usual. And half way through my run it started drizzling, which was completely unexpected, inspite of the fact that I had heard on the telly that it had poured in Delhi the previous night.
The drizzle turned to a decent shower and the run felt effortless. Running in rain feels almost like running indoor with the pleasures of the outdoors, it does not get any better. The only hitch with todays downpour was that it was a one off unseasonal shower, which made the concrete road slippery. In my excitement I needed up pulling a muscle in the right leg. Hope it get back in shape tomm. morning and I can complete the targeted four runs of the week. Else will take rest tomm and run on saturday instead, will decide tomm. morning.
According to latest reports the showers are likely to continue for the next two days, so thatz a good enough incentive to run tomm! I did my 7km today at a good 42.30mins inspite of the slippery surface, hope to maintain the pace and remain in the 42-43mins range.


uday said...

great going girish,
keep it going.
does this make you menatlly tough also?
do you focus on a subject? or let your mind wander anywhere?
all the best
keep running.

Aditya Karmali said...

Hey Girish,

Great going man. You inspire me to take up running. I have started currently and do around 2-3 Kms every day. I am sure 7 kms per day is not going to be easy.

Can you please guide me on how to go about this?

Aditya Karmali

Girish said...

Thanks Uday. Since I have done the fully marathon a few times, mentally conquering is not an issue. Its just that I need to train hard to get legs in shape to do the full marathon with a much better time. I need to do atleast 60kms a week to be in any kind of shape to run at the targetted time. As regards the thought process while running, its actually like going on a long drive, running is not really an effort when you get into a rhythm and it almost seems effortless. I personally avoid running with music on, as it distracts my attention (as the traffic is quite heavy at times) and it gives me time to think with a clear mind.

Girish said...

Thanks Aditya. Its not too difficult, go for it gradually. try and run about 3kms 4 times a day and then start with about 7/8kms on sundays. Take two days of rest during the week. Take one on mondays after your long run and one on thursday. Once you start getting comfortable with this, raise it to 5kms four times a week and run about 10/12kms on sundays after 2 months of the above. Set a target, eg. aim to run the Mumbai half marathon in Jan 07, and you should be able to get there comfortably. Since you have been playing football on a regular basis all your life, you should do just fine(your legs are strong enough to take the strains of running, also good running shoes are a must). If you are in Goa and are running on the beach you will do even better (as its atleast 15% tougher to run on sand). Best wishes, starting a blog might also be a good idea to keep track of your performance and will help me also to help you from time to time. Best wishes. G