Saturday, March 04, 2006

Its been over a week since I wrote my last post. The past week was pretty tiring, lotsa work and traveling, all excuses and managed to run only once on Thursday in the last seven days. Did take my running shoes while traveling outside Bombay and had amazing weather for running, but did not end up running as was very tired (more mentally than physically). Hope to do better next week, starting with a good run tomm morning.


seema said...

The road that you run on is often your best friend that is always there for you. It does not come up with a wise crack on what you are wearing or who you r with its just happy you took the time to visit so according to me it is not mental fatigue that could stop you but just a conversation that you are mentally fatigued. As nothing can be a more mood pick up than a run. So keep smiling and keep running.

Girish said...

Hey thanks for the great words. Wont we surprised if you have your own blog soon. You should get into full time writing.... Keep reading..