Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mid-night run & stray dogs..

I had a good 7km run (4km pre coffee break and 3km post) tonight. It was very pleasant (the temperature was a decent 25degree Celsius and was not humid) and calming, except for the fear of stray dogs. My route has more stray dogs than humanbeings in the night. I only wish someone would just remove them, as most of them move in packs and can scare the hell out of you. There are just soo many of them, the local municipality needs to do something about them (my apologies to the welfare of stray dogs association), but they are a menace in our urban landscape. Not sure if the sterilization campaign to reduce their population is really working, as over the last two years, I have seen their population more than double in my locality.
Now I need to focus on today's match...


Athir said...

Hi there. Long time not chat. I finally have gotten off my butt and started to run again. It's been a long time so I'm lucky if I can do 10K.

Anyways, I would love to run late at night in India but I am freaked out about the dogs. I have had too many problems over the years. The dogs get way too territorial late at night. I remember one time in Bali, where I was running in the country side and a pack of dogs started to chase after me. Not sure how I got away but it made me think twice about running at night. In fact, I probably would only do it with a long stick.

Girish said...

Nice to hear that you have got back to running. Am sure anyone who has run in the night in any city in India will share the fear of stray dogs. But running with a stick or something is not really comfortable. I wear my waist pouch, to use it as a weapon incase of an emergency!! But the fear always stays.....!!!

AD said...

the dog "problem" is probably because humans have encroached. Have you looked at it that way?
So the dogs are probably thinking, "these bloody humans are now all over the place."