Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yewoor trek...

Let me start off by saying this was one of the best treks I have had in a long long time. The best part was this was almost virgin forest (yes, a forest with deer & jackal (we saw their droppings) and dense vegetation), not a single trace of plastic, paper or glass bottles. During the entire 5 hr trek (incl. breaks) we did not meet/see a single local (tribal people who use the forest for firewood or others exploring the region). We did not have any definite well defined trail; the only good thing was our group of 11 had 2 people who had explored this region a few times. .
I started off the day very early and could manage only about 5kms of my Sunday run, did it in about 30mins and then had to join the group for the trek (20km from my running trail). We started the climb at 7am and returned around 12 noon. The climb was not very strenuous as we had a mixed group of participants, we must have done about 10-12kms over 5hrs with a few breaks in between. The climb was steep, hill was rocky and the ground was covered with thick bed of dried leaves shed during the season, all these three things also made the climb slow. And yes, I did manage to get some interesting pics during the trip (on my mobcam), I am unable to upload them immediately as my desktop at home does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Will try and do that at work within the next couple of days. If the pics turnout good, I think I should invest in a decent digicam to capture them in a better way. (but there is nothing to beat a mobcam, its soo convenient, always with you and instant results!!)
The climb was a healthy break from the regular routine and I hope to do more such treks going forward. The only thing I am worried about is hurting my chin or ankle when I slip, plus the pounding my legs would receive while coming down (down a steep hill) on uneven surface. But then, no risk no gain!!
Finally, I also did manage to leave my shades behind in the forest, as my contribution!!

Warning – Please do not try to do this (climb Yewoor hills) on your own, ensure that you have a trained local guide before you attempt it. Else you are definitely going to lose your way….


SAK said...

Hi, good to read the descriptive writing. Nicely done. The steep climb must have been quite a workout. Do send the pictures when they are ready.

Girish said...

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the pics of Yewoor trip.

Anonymous said...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.