Thursday, June 01, 2006

Monsoon arrives in Bombay...

Its finally here.... When in rains in Bombay, it pours! Rains have come with a big bang. It started yesterday early morning, but did not really affect my run yesterday as it was not little more than a strong drizzle. But today is going to be a totally different story. It rained hard whole of yesterday and there was water logging as many places in Bombay during the evening. Its rained all night and today is going to be very difficult day for the city. Thanks to the CNG conversion of all Taxis (and a number of public transport buses) in Bombay, heavy rains & water logging can make them almost inoperable. Diesel still rules in during the rains. The monsoons have arrived 10days before time and this has meant that the municipality is not really ready for it, you still see lot of cases of roads not fully completed, drains, nullas, etc not being cleared fully.
I did my yesterday run of 5.5kms in 35min 40sec. Though the road was not very slippery I did not want to take any chances, but today is going to get very tough. Looking forward to the run.

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