Sunday, June 25, 2006

Singapore marathon registrations to open soon

Just found out the that Singapore marathon registrations start on July 21, 2006. Hope I manage a confirmed participation in it before the end of July. Am a little disappointed as I didn't get any communication from them despite registering for their newsletter. Thank god for the Indian instinct of checking, double checking and followups.
The Great Tibetan marathon does not seem likely this year, maybe next year. There is no communication from the organisers despite repeated reminders. Plus the fact that I will have to take about 12days off which includes about 4 days of travel (to and fro). I have not yet taken a final decision on it as yet, will wait and see...


Athir said...

Good to hear what the registration date is for the Singapore marathon. Because I was not running, I did not even consider running it. Now that I have started hitting the pavement, I'm at least considering it. I guess I have a month to see what my progress is. In the past, I've had a really tough time training in India. In Canada, it's much easier. Sidewalks (with hardly anyone on them) everywhere, lots of parks and even the roads are not a problem. In India, the heat is a real challenge for me. Short runs are OK but I've not been successful at the long runs (greater than 10 miles). Obviously for marathon training, up to 20 miles in necessary. Any tips?

Girish said...

Nice to hear from you. Be careful anytime you are running more than 10kms, ensure that you carry some rehydrating drink with you (Gatorad or Electral, water is not enough). 500ml of gatorade should be enough for a 2hr run (plus you would need about another 250ml or so of water). Having a rehydrating drink will make the run a lot easier. If you are running in a park, carryings the bottles is easier, else use a waist pouch which fits a 500ml or 700ml bottle (its difficult to get a good one in India, Nike has a basic one, else have it picked up from a sports or moutaineering shop in Canada). Hope you decide to particpate in the Singapore marathon. Best wishes, Girish