Thursday, June 08, 2006

My second run of the week, went off quite well. I did my 5.5kms in 33min 10sec. Plan to run tomm. as well and then directly on Sunday. Hope to do a 15km run on Sunday. I hope it rains on Sunday. Plus, I also need to quickly buy another pair of shades, preferably before Sunday to protect myself from harsh sunlight.
No news or fresh update from the Great Tibetan marathon (GTM) and Singapore marathon guys as yet, waiting to hear from them, so that I can start planning my trip. The GTM marathon looks a little shaky as the website gives the date for 2007 marathon and there is no mention of the 2006 one. I am trying to find some people who have done high altitude running on the Net, to get some tips for the GTM run, no luck yet.


Rahul Shah said...

Hi Girish,

Visited your blog after quite some time - makes interesting reading. I can see you are developing some potential writing skills (eschewing acronyms, SMS-quality English!).

The Yeoor trek organised by Dr.K must have been fun. He has been raving about it for a while.

Girish said...

Thanks Rahul. I have still not got down to SMS quality english, except for the pics, tomm and few other words. But will try and cut that out as well....
No comments on my mobcam (mobile camera!!) pics??? no budding photographer for me!!??