Sunday, November 26, 2006

13km final long run..

I completed by 13km run in about 1hr 15minutes in the evening today. Could not bear the way India performed after a wonderful start and the run help me forget that! During the next week, I plan to run on Tuesday and Wednesday for about 7.5km each and will follow it up with a light run on Friday in Singapore, just to get a feel of the weather and pulse of the city.

I have finally got my Singapore visa after a lot of effort, and don't have the energy to run behind the Thai visa and will take it on arrival (one of the few countries that allows Visa on arrival for Indians).

If I have a good run at the Singapore marathon, I plan to write a interesting piece on it (incl. my preparation for it and the important part played by the blog) along with some pics clicked on my Camphone and will try and see if I can get it published in a relevant magazine or newspaper. But, all this is subject to me having a great run next Sunday.


pappupager said...

Hey Girish,

Wish you all the best for your Singapore marathon!

Girish said...

Thanks a lot. Lets catchup after I return. Hope the run goes well.

ipm said...

Hi, it seems i can open ur blog in the early mornings! Never mind.
Hey is it time yet for u to be gone to Singapore? Congrats on the visa stuff.Whe will u actually leave and return to and from Singy?
I had in 2000 a stopover at Singapore when i was passing thru.It is a clean, neat and a bustling city.
All the best on ur run.I know u will do good. Your family will be proud and look forward to it!Will they get to see the run on their telly?

Girish said...

Yes, its finally done. Am looking forward to my singapore trip. I leave for it tonight and return on Dec 7 evening. I don't think there will be a live telecast of the marathon in India, but will check and update if its goint to happen.