Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its raining in the evening today, So that is a good indicator of the heat and high humidity in the morning. These rains are as unseasonal as it gets. It usually always rains when there is a big cricket match (whatever the season) and today we are having the Champions Trophy final at Brabourn stadium, Bombay. But the good thing is that Singapore would be a little easier than this.

I tried to register for the Bombay Marathon which takes place on January 21, 2006, but somehow the site does not seem to accept payment through any credit card. Will try and do it again tomorrow.


Ian said...

Are you sure? Singapore then Mumbai! I am impressed. Go for it!

Girish said...

Yes very much. Mumbai will be a lot easier than Singapore, as I will be a lot better prepared. Thanks. Hope to run with you in one of the future marathons!!