Thursday, November 09, 2006

I have been running regularly for the last three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I did 7.5km each on all three days. I have been getting very different readings on my phone for the last three days wrt the distance and speed, the only thing that has been consistent is the reading of steps taken by me - 7000 steps or so.

According to me I am doing 7.5km distance on all three days but have got different readings, but now I have found a way to get a reading which is quite accurate. I need to wear my waist pouch and clip the phone on that pouch, instead of directly on my shorts. Guess that reduces the shake and the readings turn out to be a lot more accurate.

I hope to do about 35km this Sunday, followed by 30km on the following Sunday and finally tapering with 20 on the Sunday before the marathon. And do a weekly distance of about 28kms over 4 runs. Hope I can stick to this. Tomorrow is my break day, as am feeling a little weak (maybe due to the cold) and would like to rest instead of pushing myself and jeopardising my crucial Sunday run of 35km.

I have registered for the Mumbai Marathon which takes place on Jan 21, 2006. There is no news on my passport as yet, guess they have messed up again and I will have to pay them another visit.

I will be posting my review of Nokia 5500 Sport over the weekend as I am yet to figure out all the features. Hope to do it over the weekend.

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