Sunday, November 19, 2006

22km run...

I had a good run today, did about 22km in about 2hr 15min. I was feeling good and was ready for a lot more. The only problem being my left foot pain flared up again after the 12km mark, I decided to run with it and at the end of 20km it became quite bearable. I decided not to push as I did not want to aggrevate it and at the end of 22km I get a feeling that its back to normal. But, the real test will be how things feel tomorrow morning. That give me a lot of confidence for the Singapore run, as I now feel reasonably confident of doing the full marathon with or without the left foot injury.

Next week I plan to use my other set of shoes (used ones) to check if the Newport running shoe is giving me adequate cushioning in the front of the foot. If the other set performs better over the next week (including the next Sunday run of about 20km), I will use them for the final run on December 3, 2006. So next week is going to be crunch time.


Athir said...

last week showed that physically, you are ready for the race. this week showed that you are mentally ready. running with an injury is no fun yet you were able to deal with it and have a decent run.

Girish said...

Thanks for the kind words. I hope your preparation is also going well. Looking forward to catching up with you in Singapore.

ipm said...

Hi Ironman!Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U which was on the 17th of November.Icoild not access the blog page.Duh...then it struck me today that i had saved the home page in favorites....so here i am again!
I am a bit worried about that "silly injury" as you call it!.Please attend to it.
Well at my gym, we even warm up daily for our moderately sedate(compared to marathon preperation)workout.At the end we also cool down with stretches.
May i suggest that you do the two things please?
"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Userlogin" here is the page to register from.It stores all sorts of health and other information. i suggest u go to the home page if u do not have the time to register.Registration is only of user name and password.(5 seconds).

I am happy to read about ur vitamins and stuff..seems u r quite knwoledgeable.
Hmm why do developed countries behave as they do? I guess it is cause us Indians just disappear in a foregn country or cook up a scam for easy money...so genuine people suffer!
I fwwl so bad that our cricket team lost the ODI in South Africa last night/today.What a sorry affair.
Heard the chinese pm is coming there to cause another traffic jam! Remember the nightmare in Delhi?
Well from ur last post, it seems like mentally u r well prepared to tackle the coming days for ur running. ALL THE BEST as usual.Hope to access ur blog once again soon.Ipm.

Girish said...

Thanks for the wishes IPM. I will try and answer all your questions.
Lot of people have complained about their inablity to access my blog on many occasions (though i have personally never faced it), not sure why that is happening and what I can do to get it corrected.
I am being very careful about silly injuries, actually I keep having them all the time, different things at differnt parts of the leg. Till the time there is no recurring injury, I am safe.
Yes, I definately do a 30min warmup before I run, I would never dare to run even 3km without it. Cooling down is a walk and some streching, esp. for the legs and back.
I will look up wiki and thanks for registering me.
As regards the visa, I totally agree with you, some Indians have misused their visas, overstayed and disappeared, so guess the rest of us have to face the brunt of the crackdown.
You seem to be a big cricket fan, staying up till 3am in the morning. I went to bed after the 10th over and am very happy I did that, 91 all out is a really bad score. Hope we do better in the future games.