Sunday, November 12, 2006

32km run

I did my 32kms in about 3hr 20min, which is quite good given the fact that I was not feeling too good over the last couple of days. And I could not have done it & that too in a decent time had it not been for another runner who was running on the same trail after my 15km mark and he was doing a 26km run and preparing for the Mumbai marathon. He was running at a brisk pace and I had to work hard to keep up with him and this helped me maintain a good overall pace.

Based on my current level of preparation, I have a feeling that I should definitely be able to do my first under 5hr time and if I am lucky I should be able to it under 4hr 30mins, but 4hr 30min is definitely on for the Mumbai one. I will get a better idea of my finish time depending on how I do my next Sunday 30km run, actually I will try and do the same distance next Sunday. Today's run was a good 5km more than my previous Sunday run and there was no way I could have done anything more than that.

I can feel that I am better prepared this time as the recovery is a lot quicker and better and I have not had big strains other than the regular aches and pains after a really long run. Things are looking up and I just need to keep going.


Athir said...

Sounds like you had a great run! Congrats. That's got to take a lot of the pressure off.

I had a good run as well. I seem to be hot and cold. Last week was cold and this week I felt really relaxed and did 31km. But just as you said, I could not do anything more than that. Still, I'm happy with the run as most training guides suggest that 32km is the most that you do in your training.
I will do one more long run next saturday.

Girish said...

Yes, am happy with it. But need another one to get the required confidence and mental conditioning.
Nice to hear about your run and you too seem to be getting things as planned. Best wishes for your Saturday run.