Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have been doing light runs for the past two days, managed to do 6kms on both the days. The lower part of my foot (near the toe) is feeling a little sore and it aches a little when I run, so I have decided to rest it for the next two days and if things get back to normal, I will follow it up with a 20km run on Sunday (don't want to take any chances by doing anything more than that). It happened due to the pounding my legs received during last Sundays run.

During the next two days I will focus on some leg strengthening and stretching exercises and plan my run. I should finally have my corrected passport in hand, hope they have finally got it right and then will have to do the rest of the paperwork for my travel.


ipm said...

Hi Ironman!At last i have been able to access ur blogspot.I read ur material top top downwards.Sorry to know about the passport fiasco and the cell phone non-recovery.
Hope ur foot has held up.
Hey if you are interested in any information on health, marathon necessities and so on the following is a good source to have....Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One has to register.If u r interested i could send u the registration page copy.
Hope you are keeping a good diet too as you seem quite a busy person.
I want to ask you a personal question if i may? Did you or do you consult a doc. to help moniter ur vitamins and so on?
Anyways all the best. I can see the seriousness of purpose in you. Also the iron self control and self direction as well as self motivation!!. Wow.Ipm.

Girish said...

Thank god, not sure what the problem with my blog is. Lots of people have complained of the same.
Yes, will check on Wiki, I will register and find out more.
Diet is good, just need to keep adding extra carbs, rest of the diet is quite balanced.
I have not consulted a Doctor regarding vitamins, but have been very careful to have multi vitamins with zinc, plus lotsa vegges and salads.
Motivation is very high, hope the body does not disappoint on the d day. Keep coming back.