Saturday, November 04, 2006

Have been using the pedometer on my mobile for the last three days, the readings are consistent but they are not accurate. Tomorrow will be the real test when I hope to do 30km, my legs seem to be in great shape but have been having continuous cough for the last two weeks, it just refuses to disappear, hope this does not affect my long run.
I did a distance of 7.5km (and pedometer one of 8.9km)on Friday and 6km on Saturday (which appeared as 6.9km on pedometer), in about 44mins and 33mins respectively.

I badly need to successfully complete the 30km run tomorrow, but the temperature does not seem to be helping my cause, so I will need to start closer to 6am tomorrow. Hope I can execute it.

Will write a detailed review of my Nokia 5500 after my long run tomorrow.

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