Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last long run coming up..

As planned I was able to do another two 7.5km runs on Friday and Saturday. Which makes it a total of 30kms during the week. Now I just need to top it off with a 13-15km run on Sunday.

I decided to postpone my Sunday run from morning to evening, as I had a late night on Saturday and needed to catch up on sleep.

The day has been good, very relaxed and the Tibetan incantations (The meditative sound of Buddhist chants) were very helpful. Its something that really works for me. I had picked up the CD on my trip to Nepal at one of the Buddhist monasteries. This is one of the most popular Buddhist chant CD, containing three chant tracks of about 25minutes each. The only thing you need is a good set of speakers and amplifiers to transport you to another world. Its a very good stress buster. I am planing to rip them into MP3 format so that I can load it on my mobile phone. If any of you are interested in the CD, do let me know.

Plus India is finally performing in the third ODI at South Africa, which was very much required. India need to give South Africa a thrashing, compensate for the disappointing performance in the second ODI.


Bedders said...

At least you are not having to suffer watching the Ashes!

Girish said...

You spoke a little early. India is getting a similar treatment in South Africa. Both are being treating like grade B teams by Aus and SA. I don't have unrealistic expectations, but atleast put up a fight.