Saturday, November 11, 2006

A day before the big run....

I am looking forward to my biggest run before the marathon, I hope to do something close to 35kms tomorrow and this means a 3.5hr ordeal. The weather has improved considerably over the last three days and this was also the reason for me feeling little feverish. I seem to be back to normal now and am hoping that the weather does not disappoint tomorrow. I hope to start as early as possible to avoid the sun (as far as possible). Am a little tense about tomorrow's run, but I also know that if I can do this successfuly, I will have super confidence for the Singapore marathon.

New development on my stolen (and recovered) mobile phone - I got a letter from the cop station asking to me to present myself at 11am today and this was given a day before. I decided against it as I had a hectic work day and there was no way I could be present there at the scheduled time. In the evening I decided to give them a call and enquire why they needed me. There immediate response was that I should then come on Monday, in the morning. I tried to explain that it would not be possible and it was then that I was told that this was with regards to me claiming the phone from the station. I requested that it be handed over to me without going to the magistrate's court (I almost got a feeling that this was possible!) and I promptly got a response that this was not possible without the court order. The good thing is I don't have to visit the cop station now.


Athir said...

Good luck today Girish. Just remember, that if today doesn't go perfectly, you still have one more week for a nice long run!

Girish said...

Thanks Athir, I had a good run today. And hope to repeat it on next Sunday as well and that should get me ready for the Singapore run. Now I just need to get my passport sorted out next week and I should be ready for my Dec 3 run. Hope you had a good run too.

ipm said...

Hello again,
Wanted to wish you all the best for the Mumbai Marathon before ur sigapore one.Just give it ur best shot.I know you will outdo urself!!
bye ,ipm.

Girish said...

The Mumbai marathon is after the singapore marathon. Its on Jan 21. Thanks for the wishes.