Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another good Sunday run.

As planned was able to do a half marathon today, decided to up the pace today and was able to do it in about 2hours.I also started late today (at 8.10am) instead of the regular time of around 7am, to check how the heat would affect me. Early mornings are very comfortable for running, but today it was hard (sunny but not humid).

The silly Mumbai Marathon organisers have decided to give the half marathon more importance by having it start at 6.40 and the full marathon at 7.40am, guess this is the only marathon in the world that give preference to half over full, by making it start one hour before the other (they did the same thing last year as well), maybe logic and common sense is something that is alien to them. I would like one of the organisers to run the full marathon!! (what is the heavily paid and experienced race director Hugh Jones doing (hope I got his name right)

I happened to see participants of the UTI Bank senior citizens walkathon today, managed to click some picture and plan to upload them tomorrow. It was very nice to see so many senior citizens wear UTI bank T-shirt, with catchy slogans written on them, one of them being - If you can read this then I am a step ahead, walking for better health and fitness.

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