Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rocking time of 4hr 28min 51sec

I was finally able to achieve my dream time of doing under 4hr 30min and I owe this to a friend of mine whom I had promised a sub 4.30 time. And it was just mental strength (and I did not hit the wall this time) which kept me going and after the 30km mark I was confident of doing the time, the launch pad was just perfect.. It was a almost perfect run, everything went as planned. I did the first 10k in 1 hr, next 10k in about 57mins, third one in 1hr 8mins and the last 12 in about 1hr 24min. Only if I had done better with during the 28-33km stretch, 4hr 15mins was very achievable. And this time is well within my reach, I just need to train harder and this will be my target for the Mumbai Marathon.

Everything was perfect, there was no sun throughout the run. It was cloudy all through (which meant 95% humidity all through and I was perspiring even before the race started), which meant higher humidity but was very bearable compared to something like Bombay, where the heat and sun just kills you. The race started at 6am in the morning (which actually is more like 5am, as Singapore has intentionally chosen to be one hour ahead of what it logically should have been. They have done it for commercial reasons as they wanted to Hong kong time, as they did not want to give them an unfair advantage (they wanted both the stock exchanges to start at the same time).

Will write more about my state of mind yesterday and other details of my preparation and the actual run. And also a detailed comment on the organizers of Singapore marathon.

What this time means is that I was able to shave off about 53mins from my previous best. 5hr 21mins was a very embarrassing personal best time of mine and it feels wonderful to now have a respectable sub 4.30 time.


Anonymous said...

Helo Girishanna,
gr8 job at d marathon 2 day !..4hrs 30 mins is an amzin time...way 2 go !!!!!...ur an ispiration 4 my dad...
keep it up !!!

Sanjay said...

Hi Mallya,


Sanjay Rao

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We all are very proud of you. My dream is to have you qualify for the Boston Marathon - very doable in 2 years or so. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats at your sub 4.30 timing of S marathon. Keep up the good work. Very very proud of your achievement!
Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Girish on a very creditable time. Guess that the atmosphere in Singapore must be behind the overall increased productivity.

Congrats again


Girish said...

Thank you all. Boston is impossible for me to qualify, Sub 3.15 tooo steep.

Irwin said...

Hi Girish,

Congrats on your super achievement.

I understand that you looking to set new milestones for yourself at the Mumbai Marathon too. Would you also be interested in running for CRY(in case you are not already committed to running for a cause)? It would be really great to have a full marathoner also supporting the cause of India's children

You could get additional details at http://www.cry.org/newsandevents/events/mumbaimarathon2006.html

Wishing u the very best!


Mandeep said...

Amazing time Girish, well done. I hope this is not another example Indians showing much better results outside India ( except our cricket team ) I am waiting to see u back and have a big party from u.

3 Cheers !!!


ipm said...

Hi Ironman! I am terribly happy about ur achievement.I hope it was what u wanted.I can imagine the elation u r having on a job well done.Please give it a bit of rest before u plan for the Mumbai Marathon.I see CRY has invited u to run!!Way to go.Did anyone in ur family do social work with NGOs?Or, ur the first one who is a potential social worker read runner. He he he.
I am so proud of u, my heart just bursts with pride and happiness.Why not as i am related to ya, dont forget!.
With love from all of here at Vadodara, who r basking in ur limelight.Come down we will host u a good party.ok ok u cant as u have to prepare for the Mm na?

ipm said...

Hi again girish, is there abt 5 hours diff. between singapore and india? Congrats again,
Auntie Ipm.

Girish said...

Thanks IPM. Yes, I have done a little bit of NGO work myself!! Don't think I can take up any cause right now, as its too short a time. But will consider it next year.
The time difference is 2.5hours. Thanks. Looking forward to my next trip to Baroda. Enjoy.

Girish said...

Thanks Mandeep. and thought you would be throwing a party for me... Looking forward to meeting you in India.

Girish said...

Thanks Irwin. The Mumbai marathon is too short a time for me, but I will consider doing it next year. Best wishes.

sak said...

Hey, Superb job!!!! congratulations on your achievement of a record time of below 4hrs and 30mins at the Marathon. Also good to read about all your experiences and visits in and around Singapore.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot SAK. I hope to beat this time in my next marathon.