Monday, December 18, 2006

UTI Bank walkathon for senior citizens

UTI Bank walkathon for senior citizens took place on December 17, 2006 at Chembur, Bombay (Mumbai).


ipm said...

Hi Ironman! Was pleasently surprised to find i could open ur blog page after 1 am! I meself did a mini marothon blogging down ur comments upwards of Dec. 2 the last time i had accessed(read could access) ur blog.
Wow i am taken aback with the news and the views. I read people's comment too, i second each one and do not wanna repeat them.Me is a bit lazy u c.
But i am really proud of u me lad!
Hmm ur poses for the pics were cute..he he he ok were posed!
I agree with u that the excitement and variety we see in India is awesome.There is new thing happening evey second so to ...the excitement abraod palls after sometime i can tell u that.i would rather live in my own beautiful country which is not mechanized yet fully.
Way to go. I hope i can read ur blog yet on some other day.
Wishing u all the best.IPM.

Girish said...

Thanks for the comments. Hope you are now able to view my blog each time you try. Blogspot is no longer a beta version, so it better work all the time.

I absolutely agree with you, I would never want to move out of India. Rest of the world would be a good for visiting or traveling, but nothing more than that. India has got everything, going forward I see more people (non Indians) wanting to settle down in India than Indians wanting to settle abroad.

Need to update my blog more regularly, I have been a little lazy.