Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tough week...

Had a tough week, was only able to run thrice (6km, 7.5km and 6km on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)during weekdays, as I was having some pain in the shins (both of them). I guess my body was asking for some well deserved rest which is long
overdue after the Singapore marathon. It was also time for me to buy a new pair of shoes, the recently purchased New Balance ones were not suiting me (guess their rubber cushioning Absorb technology was not working for me). So on Friday I decided to take some corrective action for my shins, I bought a pair of Adidas Nova cushion shoes. As soon as I tried them, I knew they were perfect for me.

I decided to wear them for my Sunday long run (which was a big risk as all my new running shoes tend to pinch, the first time I wear them for the long Sunday run, even if I have used them for 4-5 short runs before that. But I decided to still go ahead with it, as my shins were more important than having some blisters. I wore them for my Saturday run and then also wore it the whole of Saturday, just to try and get them into some shape for my long run.

I managed to complete the tough week with a good 26km run today, I did it in about 2hr 36mins.The run was quite comfortable and I started at 7.30am for the run, which is around the same time as the Mumbai marathon start time. The weather was pleasant at start but after the first 1.5hrs it was hot and sunny, luckily it was not very humid. I was able to manage the run with 500ml of Gatorade and 500ml of water. I hope to do my longest run before the Bombay Marathon next Sunday, with a 30+km run.

Today for the first time in four odd years I had company during my run. I ran with a friend of mine whom I was meeting after close to 10years (though we were in touch on the phone and email). UT and I used to run at Colaba woods (its one of the few mud tracks in Bombay, all the other are made of brick or concrete/tar), near President Hotel, Cuffe Parade. He is participating in the half marathon. We hope to repeat our run again sometime in the near future.


Bedders said...

Great ad for shaadi.com! All the best for a Happy Christmas and a good 2007.

Girish said...

Thanks for the wishes. Did not get the great ad for Shaadi.com thing. Pl. elaborate.....