Friday, December 01, 2006

Singapore experience continues..

Today was a little slow, as I was trying to catch up on sleep as I had hardly slept for a few hours yesterday and that was in bits and pieces. Wanted to take it easy today. But I did manage catchup on some malls on Orchard street in the evening (and the Christmas spirit was very much there). It was an amazing experience, with Lot's of beautiful street stalls, street performers, live music and the place was buzzing with tourists and locals. And for a change the city felt as crowded as Bombay! I felt soo much at home. Hope to go again as I have a couple of days after the marathon. I can't really capture the experience in words but it was infectious and something that you would want to catch again and again. Most stores had special offers to attract tourists, especially those who had come for the Singapore marathon (and yes there are 7500 of them!!) and this was the added attraction. The good thing about Orchard street is that its the most upmarket part of Singapore, and this ensures a better shopping experience unlike something like Mustafa in Little India which provides a forgettable shopping experience but some good deals.

During the day I managed to visited one of the other malls close to where I was staying and also managed a nice 3km run in the evening. And yes as expected it was extremely humid, much more than Bombay, the average humidity here is usually above 90% and it tends to rain (more a drizzle)at the drop of a hat.

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