Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pictures from Singapore

Some pictures which try to capture the Christmas spirit in Singapore. Most of the pictures are from Orchard Street, the place that really brings of the true spirit of Singapore.

This picture captures the Christmas spirit on Orchard street perfectly.

The most beautiful Christmas tree on Orchards at the Paragon shopping center (an upmarket shopping center)

One of the numerous show pieces outside the shopping malls on Orchard street

Banner of the weekly flea marketing which takes place in Singapore

One of the numerous life performances which take place on Orchard street, targeted at the tourists.

They were playing some wonderful music (including Cranberries!)

A crowded evening at Orchard street, which was fully decorated and lit

Starbucks at Speciality mall on Orchard street

This is clicked from Boat Quay (pronounced as Ki) along the Singapore river. Other side of the river is a place called Clark Quay. Clark Quay was previously used as godown and warehouse, but recently the Singapore government converted it into a place that hosted cafes and hangout places for tourists (in colonial style), instead of breaking it down and building skyscrapers there. This truely represents the spirit of Singapore, preserving the old while building the new and having lot of breathing space all over Singapore.


SAK said...

More good pictures. The colorful orchard street, malls, the elegantly lit Paragon shopping center, the night view by boat along the Singapore river, all wonderful pictures that are nicely shot. Good job! SAK

Girish said...

Thanks a lot. Will be posting some pics of Bangkok as well, I wish I had more time there to visit more places (and get some interesting pictures). Enjoy.