Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Singapore marathon 2006 pictures

My picture after finishing the race.

My picture after the race in the resting Pen.

Participants resting in the pen after a grueling marathon.

A local bus having the Incredible India promotion campaign on our race route.

Cheer leaders in the commercial district, towards the start of the race.

This has to be the best picture clicked by me while running. Picture of the commercial district of Singapore.

Separate pen for the Under 5hr participants.

Innumerable restrooms close to the starting point.

The Women's and Men's full marathon winners captured before the start of race. Amos Tirop Matui and Alina Kosgei successfully defend their titles in the Men's and Women's Category and also smash their previous bests at Singapore Marathon and create course records.

The Preparation area between the starting point and the Finishing point sections.


nirav said...

Very well done! Aage Badho Jawaan!!! Hum Tumhaare Saath Hain!!! Seriously, amazing performance! Great pictures as well! I cannot even imagine doing the marathon and you do it time and again every year. Great show! When did you come back from Singapore?

SAK said...

Incredible Pictures!!!! what a variety of pictures. You did take a nice shot of the commercial district and the tunnel picture looks interesting. And Oh, you look cool in the sun glasses.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot Nirav. I came back on Thursday night. Lets catchup one of these days, maybe this sunday?

Marathon is something all of us can do, especially you, mental toughness is the only thing that is required (the physical bit can be put in shape in about 3-4 months time). Do think about it and I will be there to support you.

Girish said...

Thanks SAK. I will be posting some more pics of Singapore and Thailand over the weekend.