Saturday, December 30, 2006

Running is good for building your body's defense mechanism

Before I try to explain the above statement. I have had a eventful week, managed to run on Tuesday, Thursday and Today, did 7.5km on all three days. Could not run mid week as I was down with mild flu and cold, guess that was due to change in weather. I hope to do about 30plus kms this weekend, provided the cold does not come in my way.

Now coming to the positive benefits of running, I have observed that now a days when I am down with a flu, my body is a lot more reselient and the flu does not knock me down totally, I am quite comfortable going through the entire day at work inspite of the cold & bodyache that accompanies the flu. This benefit/ablity is in addition to the other unusual benefits of being able to take the afternoon sun in humid Bombay weather & ablity to alternate (multiple times) between sunny outside weather and cold air conditions inside temperatures.

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