Sunday, December 10, 2006

Visit to Bangkok, Thailand

On my way from Singapore I decided to take a day's halt at Bangkok, so that I could catch up on some shopping. Bangkok is one of the best better for shopping. Plus it has one of the best malls in South East Asia and this means that some of them are better than the ones in Singapore. The most upmarket mall in South East Asia is Siam Paragon, it has a huge collection of ultra luxury stores (incl. Ferrari, Lamborghini.......). It also has another upcoming luxury mall called Centerworld, slated to be the largest mall in South East Asia. I just loved both of them, much more than the Singapore malls, both of them are a must see for visitors to Bangkok, Thailand. The public transport system and infrastructure of the city is lot better than what you would expect it to be. The Sky train and MRT system is very good and efficient, though a little steep for the local Thai national.

Bangkok is not as cheap as one would like to believe, and this is especially true for the locals. Guess that is the fate of any tourism dependent city. The final conclusion I have come to with regards to shopping is that there is nothing to beat India, especially Bombay. And soon one would be able to enjoy the same shopping experience and atmosphere, in addition to the exhaustive choice and great value right here in Bombay.


pappupager said...

The pictures are great dude! I am very impressed with your camera phone!

Girish said...

Thanks a lot, its visitors and comments like yours which make it all worthwhile. I have clicked some pictures in Thailand, need to colour correct them and post it on the site. You have given the needed incentive to do it.