Friday, December 01, 2006

My trip, Bombay - Singapore....

I had a very early morning on Nov 30. Did not sleep the whole night, as I watched India lose badly (again) and got to the airport at 2am and as expected the flight took off at 6.45am instead of 5am. The Bombay-Bangkok leg of Cathy was smooth, thought the flight attendants were not so pleasant and I could see them discriminate between Indian and non Indians. Can't blame them completely for it, as 80% of the flight had Indians and some of them were travelling for the very first time (the people on a domestic Indian flight are very normal and well behaved), but some of the people who were on this flight reminded me of a local intercity bus, badly behaved, with absolutely no manners (not sure what they were going to Bangkok for), and this came across as a big shock. The food was horrible (and that is an understatement), thanks to the travel agent, who had marked me for Hindu non veg food (not sure what that means, but I guess that excludes Pork and beef, which I enjoy). The food was very dry and unpalatable, but I needed the calories, so had to just stuff it down my throat.

I just about reached in time for my connecting flight from Bangkok - Singapore, which was great good, as I did not have to spend any time waiting at that Airport (so the delay was a huge blessing in disguise). But here the experience was very different, the crew was very nice and courteous and the food was amazing (I was wiser this time and asked for a change from the scheduled Hindu non veg to regular non veg food). Over all the experience on this Cathy flight was very pleasant and the flight reached Singapore on time.

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