Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My official Singapore marathon time....4h:28m:42s

The organisers have finally posted the time on the website, so my final revised chip time is 4h:28m:42s.
To read complete details of my performance click the link below -

My race time splits are as follows -
Finsher number (Rank) 986, Registration details 01276-IND-FMM-OLC, Bib Number 1376 GIRISH MALLYA Male IND Guntime 05:59:55, My actual start time 06:01:30 7.6km mark 00:45:32 (10.4km per hour) 21km mark 02:03:57 (10.3km per hour) 27.38km mark 02:46:00 (9.1km per hour), Guntime finish 04:30:17, My finish time04:28:42 (8.5km per hour)

Total qualified finishers 6315 for the Men's open category full marathon.

The half marathon time I did at the Singapore full marathon was the same as the one I did for the Delhi Half marathon and this was the main reason for me doing a sub 4.30time. And this also means that a sub 4.15 time is very achievable for me if I get the first half of my race correct.


Irwin said...


Really super time!!

If you do change your mind about running for CRY or would like to know more about our efforts at promoting the rights of children leading up to the marathon, please mail me at irwin.fernandes@crymail.org

Bedders said...

Brilliant! congratulations and you must be so pleased. Next up sub 4:15 no worries. All the training paid off.

Girish said...

Thanks Irwin. I really appreciate the efforts done by CRY and maybe some day in future I will be in a position to contribute as well. Best wishes for your fund raising efforts for Mumbai Marathon...

Girish said...

Thanks Ian. Will give it my best shot.